Learn How to Double Your Income with Lash Extensions- 1 Day Training Covers it All!

Hello my name is Melissa Orr LaRue and I am the owner of LaRue & Co Lash and Skin Studio.

A little background on me – I worked for over 10 years with an eye surgeon when I was introduced and fell in love with lash extensions.  I was blown away by the immediate enhancement with no down time, not to mention how easy it made getting ready in the morning. After doing a little research, I realized this might be something I should consider doing full time. I received my esthetics license and became lash certified in 2014.  I am also licensed in chemical peels, dermaplaning, facials, and also teach lash extensions for a company called Glad Lash, Inc. I host lash training classes at my studio located in Maryville, Tennessee. Lash extensions are an extra service you can add to your menu to keep your books full and help your clients look beautiful!   


Glad Lash Inc. Classic Lash Training is a 1-day class that will teach you all you need to know to begin lashing!  The fee for the class, which includes a starter kit, is $750.   The starter kit comes with a carrying case, tools for application, adhesive, lash extensions in sizes 8-13 mm, under eye pads, paper tape, brushes, cleaning tools, and appointment cards with aftercare instructions.  Your certificate will be mailed once photos of 20, 40, 60 per eye have been submitted.  A bonus is the LaRue & Co team will help you every step of the way!


Founded in 1981, Glad Lash Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributor of professional eyelash and eyebrow extensions, application tools, after-care and makeup products. Glad Lash also specializes in the art of eyelash and brow extension application and training.

As the industry evolves and new technologies emerge, convenient access to breakthroughs in beauty enhancement is essential. It is in this spirit that we have remained focused on providing the most comprehensive line of products along with the absolute in excellence, technique and pricing.

Our comprehensive product range includes but is not limited to: eyelash and brow extensions, extension kits, application and maintenance tools as well as make-up, marketing materials, apparel and gift items. With a strong professional focus, we are also committed to providing quality training courses through Glad Lash Academy.

With over 30 years experience, we continue to grow and deepen our knowledge while providing you with a standard of unparalleled expertise and quality.


Upcoming training dates:


September 24th | October 15th | November 5th | November 12th | December 3rd | December 11th 


To register, please contact Melissa Orr at: melorr1992@yahoo.com or text (865) 659-8592.  


Payment is due 15 days prior to training date, via paypal, check, or cash.  

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